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[해외] 2015 타이완 잉거도자미술관 레지던시
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[2015 타이완 잉거도자미술관 레지던시]

2015 타이완 잉거도자미술관 레지던시 공모요강입니다.

지원서는 첨부파일 확인해주세요!

About TCRP

Situated in southwest of Taipei Basin, Yingge is known as Jingdezhen of Taiwan for its plentiful supply of clay, convenient transportation, and various types of kilns. While its neighbor, Sanshia, has a rich cultural heritage, the town is blessed with enchanting historical ambience.

The Yingge Ceramics Museum was opened in 2000. Since then, the museum has dedicated itself to preserving the town’s cultural legacy while instilling new energy into the area. With such conviction, we decide to encourage ceramic artists, both local and foreign, to come experiencing the life in a pottery town through a one-to-three-month short-term residency program.



The residency program is open to both foreign and domestic artists. Interested applicants must have at least two years of experience in ceramic creation.


Residency Period

Residency program is three months in length and takes place from March to May, July to September and October to December 2015.


Application Deadline

Applications are now being accepted. The application deadline is Sep 30th  2014(postmarked/domestic applications; received/international applications).


Selection Process

A selection committee composed of relevant experts, scholars, and museum representatives reviews all applicants and decides the final list of 8 candidates (at least 30% of Taiwan artists, holder vacancies shall be maintained). A notice will be mailed to all candidates on Oct 15th 2014 after final result is confirmed. The short list of candidates will be posted at the same time on the official website (available at of the museum.


Residency Regulation

Artists are allowed to work in the space specified by the museum from 8:00am to 9:00pm. Every artist should be present at the work space at least 17 days per month during the 3-month residency period. If it is found to be true that you fail to be present at the work space as many days as specified, the museum has the right to revoke your qualifications for residency and subsidies.


Benefits and Responsibilities

The museum offers each artist in residence

  1. A round-trip travel subsidies (up to the equivalent of high speed rail fare in economy class for domestic travelers/up to the equivalent of international airfare in economy class for international travelers)

  2. NTD.600 per day (NT.480 after Tax) as daily stipend up to 90 days

  3. An independent studio apartment, semi-open studio spaces,

  4. Basic studio materials needed during the creative process not exceeding NTD.30,000.

    The artists’ works may be consigned for sale to the museum’s gift shop on recommendation of the museum. (Issues for consignment sale may be discussed separately).


    During the residency, the artists will be arranged to make contributions to the Yingge community in the context of seminars, speeches, workshops, or courses. The artists shall offer one-third of the artwork created during the residency to the museum for educational purposes without any objection.


    How to Apply

    Are you interested in being an artist in residence in the town of Yingge? Apply now by submitting the following documents:


  1. Application Form (Appendix 1)

  2. Autobiography and Project Proposal (Appendix 2)

  3. Artwork Basic Information Form (Appendix 3), along with an artist profile, a total of 10 art works, which shows your artwork created within the past two or three years, digital image of the artwork must be in JPG format (sized between1~3MB)


    ※Note: Please burn the above-mentioned application documents (i.e. (1) Application Form, (2) Autobiography and Project Proposal, and (3) Artwork Basic Information Form and an artist profile) to a CD; and mail two copies of the CD to the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum (mailing address: ATTN: Taiwan Ceramics Residency Program, No. 200, Wenhua Rd., Yingge Dist, New Taipei City, 23942, Taiwan, (R.O.C.)).


    All incomplete applications will NOT be considered.